Company Profile

Our company's perfect organization ensures the prompt promotion of your estate through our broad network, the creation and projection of visual material and the use of all the classic digital means.

For every type of estate
We undertake the promotion and the managing of apartments, maisonettes, commercial spaces, building plots for sale or rent.

Fair deals
Our experience, the study and knowledge of the circumstances that form the prices of the real estate in the market will ensure that your estate will have a fair and lucrative selling or renting price.

Terms of Collaboration
The fee is deposited with the finalization of the transaction and the signing of the contract. However, if an estate sale memorandum is signed and not the final contract, the real estate agent has the legal claim to receive half of the agreed fee. The same conditions apply for the renting contracts.

- Selling Estate: commission 2% (+19% Φ.Π.Α) on the real selling price
- Renting Estate: commission half rent (+19% Φ.Π.Α) of the first monthly rent
- Renting: 1 rent commission (+19% Φ.Π.Α) on the first monthly rent + 2% on the commercial use amount

Buyers' Guide

Buying real estate is a very important decision - investment in everyone's life. Before buying:

- Accurately define your needs
- Prioritize
- Use the detailed real estate search tools provided in our web site
- Use our experience and and will to assist you. Contact us

Buying real estate through Magical Homes

Our company's long term activity is full of people who managed to make their dreams a reality by buying a home or the business space they were looking for.

With our help and professional yet sensitive approach to our clients goals and needs, we are proud to contribute in a positive way in their investments.

On our web site you can find a great number of estates for sale, with variable characteristics.With the use of the advanced search tools as well as the estates cards you can find the estate that suits you.

Renting Guide

Choosing the right estate to rent is an important decision. Before choosing:

Define your actual needs
- Prioritize
- Use the detailed search tools for estates offered in our web site
- Use our experience and will to assist you. Contact us

Renting a commercial space or a home seems, because of the commitment and the cost, like a simple or unimportant procedure. It's our policy to always treat the procedure of choosing an estate to rent with the same gravity and importance as in buying an estate.

Choosing the right estate provides the renter a higher quality of life, for as long as the lease lasts and the prolongation of the stay which results in the avoidance of expensive and time consuming moves, and in time the natural familiarization.

Choosing to rent the proper business space can save you from future complications that may result in a relocation of the business.

Wir machen Ihnen das Leben leichter!

Weisen Sie uns Ihre Immobilie

Ganz einfach, schnell und einfach, aus dem Anmeldeformular können Sie unser Büro Immobilie zuordnen. Wir werden Ihren Antrag Vergabeverfahren, in demselben Augenblick!

In unseren erfahrenen Partnern

Unsere Agentur bietet die besten Partner, mit mehr Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet der Immobilien, jederzeit bereit, um unseren Kunden zeigen, Ihre Immobilie..

Schnell und einfach zur Verfügung

Das Hotel mit der umfassendsten Immobilien Anwendung durch den Einsatz innovativer Technologien, wird Ihre Unterkunft auf der Spitze des größten Echt Esate Portals Markt schnell und einfach auf alle zur Verfügung stehen..

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